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Resuming … 2018

Resuming … 2018

Posted by kathathaway in on 14 January, 2018

Resuming … 2018

The pillows are plumped, the path is cleared, the candle is lit, and the step is swept.  After a 4 week holiday hiatus from this work, I am resuming for the year tomorrow.  It is with much anticipation that I open my door again.  The privilege of working with another individual so deeply strikes me more powerfully with each year that passes.  The vulnerability, the intimacy, the trust… I am changed along with each person who sits with me, and I find more of myself as they do.

So, 2018.  The start of another cycle, the Great Wheel turns.  How do you start a thing?  With hope, ears pricked, nose sniffing out the new adventure, striding boldly, confident of your reception?  Or reluctantly, preferring to stay in the familiar, the known, sidling in around the door, quietly hoping that you won’t be noticed?  Or perhaps terrified, sure that disaster with befall you, with so much history of defeat or aggression that you don’t believe there’s any chance that things will go your way?

Would you like to know yourself more, have more comfort in exploring yourself and your hidden places?  Would you like to care more, feel more (or less!), have more of a sense of wellbeing, look forward with hope, look backwards with acceptance and compassion?

The therapeutic process is a valuable, enlivening and rich undertaking which usually leads to a greater sense of robustness and  wellbeing.  I have some weekly appointment times still available and would welcome your call.

Blessed be,