Kat Hathaway: Soul Centred Psychotherapist & Relationship CounsellorDip SCP, BA Psych (Hons), Clinical member ASCP, PACFA and ARCAP listing #22054
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My Techniques

Psychotherapeutic techniques… bi lateral stimulation, tapping, hypnotherapy, art therapy, dreamwork, ritual

Do you want to do more than just talk in therapy?

As a Soul Centred Psychotherapist, I utilise techniques which help people have a more conscious, creative and manageable relationship with their experiences, and to alleviate the unbearable aspect that such experiences can have.  Not all of the methods described below suit every individual.  This is one of the advantages of working within a truly client centred modality.  I am able to adapt to my clients’ needs and use techniques appropriate to them, instead of expecting people to fit into a single, limited framework, such as mainstream medical models would do.

These techniques include: