Kat Hathaway: Soul Centred Psychotherapist & Relationship CounsellorDip SCP, BA Psych (Hons), Clinical member ASCP, PACFA and ARCAP listing #22054
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About Kat


I have a well established Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.  I am a highly trained Soul Centred Psychotherapist, with 12 years of clinical experience.  Soul Centred Psychotherapy is an accredited therapeutic approach in which mindfulness, embodied experience, relationship with Self and other, meaning, and honouring the individual process are held as fundamental.

I am immensely curious about people and hold a genuine investment in the well being of my clients. In accordance with the principals of Soul Centred Psychotherapy, I work with people to help them to have greater access to their emotional world, improved relationships and to grow into more of themselves.

I am not a detached, clinical observer who ushers people out of the room as soon as the time is up. Unfortunately, this has been most people’s previous experience of therapy, and many clients have said to me “It’s such a relief to feel that you’re actually listening!”.   Although it may seem more affordable to undertake 10 free sessions with a psychologist through a Mental Health Plan, these sessions are restricted by government regulation to cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT).  This suits some, but not all people, and operates primarily at the level of the conscious mind.  However, it is widely understood that the emotion and beliefs which drive behaviour and mood operate at an unconscious level, and the exploration and healing of these patterns requires different therapeutic techniques.  Please see the section on Therapeutic Techniques for more information.

I am committed to the constant development of my skills and undertake fortnightly supervision sessions with an accredited supervisor. I also undertake annual Professional Development work, in the form of workshops, seminars and reading, which hone my understanding of the work and open me to new areas of practice. These components are also requirements of ongoing clinical membership with my professional association, the Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists (ASCP) and clinical membership with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).  Together, these memberships provide me with listing on the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP register).  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psych (Hons) from The Australian National University in Canberra where I double majored in psychology and philosophy.  Subsequently, I completed a 4 year Diploma of Soul Centred Psychotherapy from the Kairos Centre in Melbourne.

Currently, I am Co President of the Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists.

I am informed and continually inspired by the thinking of people such as Carl Jung, Thomas Moore, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marie Louise von Franz, James Hillman, Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Robert Johnson, Sylvan Tomkins, Milton Erikson and Babette Rothschild.

My work is enriched by the mythologies of Ancient civilizations, fables and faerytales from around the world, and the insights of the ancient tradition of Alchemy.

I welcome your enquiries by phone and look forward to meeting with you in person.

Warmest wishes, Kat