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The Ultimate Best-Ever, Must-Read, Soul Centred Booklist

The Ultimate Best-Ever, Must-Read, Soul Centred Booklist

Posted by kathathaway in on 1 November, 2017

How Does Our Childhood Environment Shape Us?

Bradshaw, J

(1992)  Home coming: Reclaiming and championing your inner child.

(1988)  Healing the shame that binds you.

Erikson, E.H 

(1980) Identity and the life cycle.

Karen, R

(1998) Becoming attached: First relationships and how they shape our capacity to love.

Laing, R.D

(1965) The divided self.

(1972) The Politics of the family.

Levin, P

(1988) Cycles of Power

Miller, A

(1983) The drama of the gifted child.

(1983) For your own good.

(1972)Banished knowledge: facing childhood injuries

Peck, M. Scott

(198 0) The road less travelled.


Mythology and Symbols

Bolen, J.S

(1985) Goddesses in every woman.

(1989) Gods in every man.

Campbell, J

(1949) The hero with a thousand faces.

(1973) Myths to live by.

Estes, C. P

(1992) Women who run with the wolves: Contacting the power of the wild woman.

Edinger, E.E

(1994) The eternal drama.

(1995) The mysterium lectures: A journey through C.G Jung’s Mysterium Coniunctionis. 

(1996) The Aion lectures: Exploring the self in C.G. Jung’s Aion.

Haeffner, M

(1994) Dictionary of alchemy

Houston, J

(1987) Search for the beloved: Journeys in sacred psychology

Jung, C. G.

(1964) Man and his symbols.

Perera, S. B.

(1981)  Descent to the goddess: A way of initiation for women.

Von Franz, M. L.

(1973) The feminine in fairytales


How To Bring Soul Work Into Everyday Life

Cargill, K

(2012) Don’t take it lying down: Life according to the goddess.

Gibran, K

(1923) The prophet.

Hannah, B

(1981) Encounters with the soul: Active imagination as developed by C.G. Jung

Lawrence, D. H

(1977) The complete poems

Moore, T

(1992) Care of the Soul

Ponce, C

(1988) Working the soul: Reflections on Jungian psychology.

Rilke, R. M

(1970) Sonnets to Orpheus

(1984) Letters to a young man.

Sardello, R

(1991) Facing the world with soul

Sexson, L

(1982) Ordinarily sacred.


Mindfulness and Developing Our Witness Capacity

Kornfield, J

(1993) A path with a heart.

Levine, S

(1987) Healing into life and death.

Nhat Hanh Thich

(1976) The miracle of mindfulness.

Macy, J

(1993) World as a lover, world as self.

Roshi Shunryu Suzuki

Zen mind, beginners mind.

Trungpa, Chogyam

(1976)The myth of freedom.


Engaging in Ritual Work

Cargill, K

(2012) Don’t take it lying down: Life according to the goddess.


(1979) The spiral dance: A rebirth of the ancient religion of the great goddess.


Understanding Relationships

Pinkola Estes, C.

(2005) How to love a woman: on intimacy and the erotic life of women. Audio CD.

Hendricks, H.

(1988) Getting the love you want.

(1993) Keeping the love you find.

Leonard, L.

(1986) On the way to the wedding.

Moore, T.

(1994) Soul mates.